GoLacta Going Green in 2019!

GoLacta® is a global company with roots in the Philippines and our hearts in the Pacific Northwest.

As a small business, we are making it our goal in 2019 to reduce our carbon footprint. We are going more green in 2019. Being a small business allows us to learn and implement changes quicker than some of the “big guys”.

One of our first changes for the new year was to cut down on paper waste. As of January 2019, GoLacta® will no longer print out a stand alone packing slip documenting your order, rather we will now print invoices on the backside of the address label, located on the front of your package. Cutting down on waste, one order at a time!

Our custom has been to include printed brochures in each order shipped; in the past, we had sent 3 printed items along with your invoice: a nutritional insert, an About Us featurette and a FAQ pamphlet. These 3 printed materials will now only be sent upon request.

We know these are small changes but they are a first step. We are of the belief that there is no one-size-fits-all or “go big or go home” ethos when it comes to preserving our planet for future generations but rather evolving, tweaking and making smarter choices going forward as we move our small business forward.

The entire GoLacta® team is currently strategizing and rethinking where else we can make changes, even small ones. We are hoping to introduce more environmentally friendly packaging for our products, offset our carbon emissions from shipments, and become more aware of the impact we are making on our forever home.

We welcome any eco-suggestions you have to offer; please email the GoLacta® team at info@golacta.com with your green tips.