Most Ideal Place for Moringa to Thrive

The Philippines is an archipelago with more than 7000 islands, making it one of the most ideal places on earth for biodiversity to thrive. You have agricultural products up there in the top 10 exports of the country, simply because it is known to produce some of the world’s highest quality farm goods from fruits, nuts, to vegetables, thanks to its naturally fertile soil, agricultural expertise, and increasing government commitment. 

Fast-emerging industry

The production of Moringa Oleifera, locally known as “malunggay” is seen as one of the fast emerging industries in the country. The last 10 years has seen different sectors from government, non-government, and private organizations coming together to advocate for this miracle tree.

Campaigns about unequaled Moringa’s health benefits continues to reach every corner of the country, especially where malnutrition is common. Moringa Oleifera is everywhere in the Philippines. It is a ubiquitous tree found in almost any local residence with a backyard or land to spare, especially in the provinces. 

Planting Moringa demands minimal, almost non-existent, caring and grows in almost all types of soil. It is part of the Filipino life, used for local dishes often given to lactating mothers to boost their milk supply, as a medicinal source, and of course, as a nutritional supplement.

With a nutritional value that covers almost the entire spectrum of what the human body needs, the country has found gold on its shores and is more than ready to make the humble Moringa tree one of its next ‘most’ important exports. Still considerably a young industry in the Philippine, there is infinite room for its commercial growth. The Philippine government is taking the lead in creating sound policies and laws that will make the industry sustainable and at the same time beneficial for Filipino local farmers.

Golacta, processed in ISO-certified facility

Proudly, Sugarpod Naturals, manufacturer of Go-Lacta Philippine Moringa Capsules, Go-Lacta 100% Organic Moringa Premium Powder and Go-Lacta 100% Organic Classic Moringa Tea, sources its products from suppliers that are members of this foundation, ensuring that best practices are in place--from farm to seal.