• Why there’s MORE in Philippine Moringa

    What is especially unique about Philippine Moringa is that it thrives in one of 18 mega-biodiverse countries of the world. The Philippines contains two-thirds of the earth’s biodiversity and between 70% and 80% of the world’s plant and animal species according to the Convention on Biological Diversity. Moringa Oleifera is endemic to the Philippines and grows in almost any place where it is planted, thanks to ideal agricultural conditions such as the country’s rich soil and alternately sunny and rainy weather that exposes the plant to what is needs most. According to the book Moringa: Malunggay Philippines by Luis Villafuerte...

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  • Dr. Nice / Alyssa Schnell Breastfeeding Outside the Box

    Breastfeeding Outside the Box by Alyssa Schnell

    Informed Parenthood Go-Lacta® is a proud advocate of Breastfeeding Outside the Box, which connects exceptional families to exceptional specialists sharing the journeys of life and lactation. Podcasts via Breastfeeding Outside the Box support the nourishing and nurturing of babies, and increase parent education and advocacy. For more information on what helps produce more breast milk, visit Breastfeeding Outside the Box podcasts and hear from Dr. Frank Nice, RPh, DPA, CPHP. Dr. Nice is the author of Nonprescription Drugs for the Breastfeeding Mother and The Galactogogue Recipe Book.   Submit individual lactation questions, including your own medication and herb questions for Dr. Frank...

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