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  • Spice Up My Day with Go-Lacta Coffee

    Spice Up My Day Go-Lacta Coffee!!!

    Hello, Morning! Hello, Afternoon! Time for a boost?!? Try this "Spice Up My Day Go-Lacta® Coffee" to invigorate and refresh! Ingredients:Double-strength coffee (4 Tbsp ground espresso & 1 c. water)1-2 Tbsp hazelnut creamer3/4 tsp Go-Lacta® powder (3 capsules of Go-Lacta®) [*Make the recipe your's! Modify any part of it--from caffeinated to decaf, hazelnut to almond, blended to on the rocks! Just be sure to include your Go-Lacta®!) Step by step:1. Brew Coffee2. Let coffee cool to room temp3. Blend coffee, hazelnut creamer & Go-Lacta® powder4. Serve hot or over ice5. Taste and feel the boost!

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