Made for Mom Go-Lacta Sample Pack


As a response to the outpouring of interest in our Go-Lacta Premium Moringa products, we have created a sample set containing all of our products for mamas interested in giving our Moringa products a trial run before purchasing.

Please use promo code " SamplePlease! " to get our Go-Lacta sample pack for free with a flat rate shipping fee of $7.50. Add it now to your cart! Limit 1 free sample pack per household.

Each Go-Lacta sample set includes the following:
2 12-capsule packets
1 Premium Moringa Go-Lacta tea bag
1 sachet of Golacta® powdered Moringa
1 Go-Lacta recipe booklet
plus a 10% off 1st purchase code and nutritional information, product FAQs & About Us pamphlets.

The capsule packets would cover a 2-4 day dosage - we suggest 2 capsules, 3 times a day to start. the tea bag brews up 1 liter (almost 4 cups!) of tea to enjoy either hot or cold; we like to mix it with lemonade for a refreshing Arnold Palmer cooler as we head in to the warmer months.

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