Triple Wow Bundle


Set yourself up for breastfeeding success with this complete bundle includes FULL SIZE pouches of all of our amazing Pure Moringa products:

- 180 count Moringa Capsules

- Premium Moringa Tea

- Premium Moringa Powder

- Premium Moringa Dry Oil

Bundle description:

- 1x 180 count Moringa Capsules are perfect for on-the-go, busy mamas

- 1x Moringa Powder brings you the FULL goodness of Mother Nature's green superfood in a formulation ready to be added to your favorite recipes! Good for breastfeeding mum and great for the whole family. Check out our recipes on the website!

- 1x Moringa Tea provides both hydration and an all natural boost to milk production.

- 1x Moringa Dry Oil is THE remedy every mama should have at her fingertips for both her and baby! It helps heal cracked/sore nipples, smoothens stretch marks, soothes diaper rash, and eczema.

Get four (4) amazing Go-Lacta products for ONE amazing price.