Go-Lacta® Birthday Bundle!


includes FULL SIZE pouches of all of our amazing Pure Moringa products:

- 30 count Moringa Capsules

- Premium Moringa Tea

- Premium Moringa Powder and for the first time ever,

Bundle description:

- 1x 30 count Moringa Capsules are perfect for on-the-go, busy mamas

- 1x Moringa Powder brings you the FULL goodness of Mother Nature's green superfood in a formulation ready to be added to your favorite recipes! Good for breastfeeding mum and great for the whole family. Check out our recipes on the website!

- 1x Moringa Tea provides both hydration and an all natural boost to milk production.

Get three (3) amazing Go-Lacta products for ONE amazing price. The Go-Lacta Birthday bundle is available only for a limited time and we have limited quantities, so get yours before we sell out!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Andrea Parker
Review on Birthday Bundle

I wanted to try a little bit of everything and grabbed this bundle. I'm currently nursing twins and had a drop in supply and needed a boost. I've been on this supplement for a few weeks now and no significant change in my pumping output. I recently started the "max" dose based off the recommendations I received from a chat. I'm really hoping this helps me out. I do however love the taste of the powder and the tea! Both very pleasant. I have put the powder in a morning shake and it tastes amazing (barely notice it, other than it is bright green in color). I would recommend these products to any nursing moms.

Dani O’Rourke
Worth it!

My little guy went through a bit of a hunger strike during his 4th leap and my supply definitely took a dive. Tried Go-Lacta and we are back on track and doing great! Definitely recommend!

Morgan Bair
Better than expected!!

I loved this bundle so much! I’ve been incorporating the powder in with certain meals in the morning and drinking the tea in the evenings. The capsules are good to take for an extra boost! I also love my gift which is a smoothie cup it’s so cute and perfect for on the go. Thank you go lacta this bundle has been such a joy and keeping my milk supply at its prime while in my first trimester of pregnancy and nursing my almost one year old.

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