Nurture Family Bundle


It's a family thing! Go-Lacta goes beyond lactation.

Our Moringa leaves contain the most essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals making it the perfect superfood the whole family can enjoy.

Our Moringa oil is 100% pure seed oil is the go-to-oil that heals, soothes and invigorates sensitive skin, face and hair.

The Nurture Family Bundle includes FULL SIZE pouches of all of our amazing Pure Moringa products:

- Premium Moringa Powder

- Premium Moringa Tea

- Premium Moringa Dry Oil

Bundle description:

- 1x Moringa Powder brings you the FULL goodness of Mother Nature's green superfood in a formulation ready to be added to your favorite recipes! Good for breastfeeding mum and great for the whole family. Check out our recipes on the website!

- 1x Moringa Tea is a great alternative to fruit juice. Infused with superfood nutrients, the whole family can enjoy it as iced tea or lemon-tea. It has no sugar and no caffeine. For breastfeeding mum, it provides both hydration and an all natural boost to milk production.

- 1x Moringa Dry Oil is THE remedy for every family member! It helps hydrate dry skin, heal cracked lips, and eczema. For breastfeeding mum, it heals sore nipples, smoothens stretch marks, soothes diaper rash, and eczema.

Get three (3) amazing Go-Lacta products for ONE amazing price and share it with the whole family!