• How to give baby nutritious breast milk

    How to give baby, nutritious breast milk

    164 infants who exclusively breast-fed one to three days after birth but whose weight loss was greater than the 75th percentile for their age
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  • Moringa is a Wonder Veggie

    Moringa is a Wonder Veggie

    Children usually have a high level of energy for play and other activities they do throughout the day, but sometimes they do seem to lose this boundless energy and the initiative to ride bicycles, run around, dance, or jump up and down as they usually do in excitement. The question that many mothers are likely to ask, once the usual sparkle in their children’s eyes start to wane, should they worry? Weakness, fatigue, poor vision, and lack of concentration may indicate that your kids are experiencing hidden hunger, also known as Modernized Micronutrient Deficiencies (MMD).This would be the first time that...

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  • Mother's milk is still best for babies

    A mother’s milk is still best for babies

    The campaign for breastfeeding is being pursued by the Department of Health, World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations International Children's Educational Fund (UNICEF) and other organizations involved in the improvement of the health of mothers and infants. This is an important initiative because breast milk is still superior when it comes to providing nutritional and immunologic benefits as compared to milk formula.A study was done to discover if the intake of Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera) powdered leaves in capsules can genuinely augment the volume of milk production for healthy mothers who breastfeed their babies, and it was learned that Malunggay Leaves...

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