Moringa oil | Go-Lacta

Moringa oil

Oil-la-la! Here’s the many ways you and your baby can benefit from Moringa Seed Oil Did you know that the seeds inside a moringa pod are just as he...

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Why Moringa | Go-Lacta

Why Moringa

Eat, drink, live! Here are 8 science-based reasons why this super food should be part of your everyday dietWe all know that moringa is one of natur...

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Moringa: The Tree of Life | Go-Lacta

Moringa: The Tree of Life

Just how amazing is the Moringa tree? It’s nothing short of a miracle and so it has been nicknamed "the Tree of Life". The entire tree, from root...

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Moringa: Nature to Nurture | Go-Lacta

Moringa: Nature to Nurture

Nature and nurture There is not a more perfect food source than Moringa leaves, harvested from the Moringa oleifera Lam tree, native to the Philip...

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