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Increase breast milk supply with Go-Lacta Moringa Leaves

Made with love for Moms & Baby

A superfood and breastfeeding supplement

Intentional Lactation

Prepare your body before your baby arrives.

Boost Milk Supply

Enhance nutrition in breast milk and stimulate production.

Superfood for supermoms

Elevate motherhood with the power of Philippine Moringa. Nourish your body and baby with natural nutrients

Breastfeed Successfully!

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 I’m forever grateful to @golacta for saving my breastfeeding journey! ❤️ 

I love that Go-Lacta's product is literally just moringa with no additives or fillers. It is beyond the benefits of helping with milk supply.

Go-Lacta has been what Ive used from the beginning and it’s never let me down - and I am full on milk machine! 

Go-Lacta is what I confidently recommend to my patients struggling with low milk supply

Why Go-Lacta is the best choice

  • Boosts lactation
  • Boosts Energy
  • Nutrient-Dense breast milk
  • Certified organic
  • Prenatal nourishment
  • Powerhouse Superfood
  • Recommended by professionals

Benefits of using Go-Lacta

Trusted by 10000+ Moms from all over the world

We take pride in being the best milk production supplement in supporting the growth and developing of preemies in toddlers.

Nurtured 8000+ babies and counting…

GoLacta Moringa leaves have an undeniable nutrition strength which boost the baby’s chances to thrive from birth.

Certified Organic

We’re verified and recognized in producing quality clean ingredients.

Zero tree waste

Every part of the Moringa tree is beneficial from food, water purification, personal care products, to composting. Moringa's true beauty and gift to humans is unconditional.

Trusted by 10000+ Moms from all over the world
Nurtured 8000+ babies and counting…
Certified Organic
Zero tree waste
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