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Benefits Of Go-Lacta | Go-Lacta

Benefits Of Go-Lacta

From the womb and out in the world: Here’s why new moms need moringa every step of their breastfeeding journey Any new mom will want to exclusivel...

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Moringa Pizza Pizza | Go-Lacta

Moringa Pizza Pizza

Pizza dough Recipe c/o Alexandra Wiedholz Dough: 2 cups all purpose flour 3 grams Go-Lacta powder 1/2Tbsp sugar 1/2tsp salt 1 tsp dry yeast ...

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Moringa Meatloaf | Go-Lacta

Moringa Meatloaf

1 lb ground turkey 1 lb ground beef 2 whole chopped onion 2 eggs 1 tsp Thyme 1 tsp oregano 3 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1 Tbsp tomato paste 1/3 c...

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Mama's Corner

breastfeeding journey | Go-Lacta

breastfeeding journey

My oldest daughter is Mylah age of 2 in November and my youngest is Maizlee age 6months. I nominate myself because I never thought I would make it...

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From Angela's Desk

Yes to Philippine Moringa!!! | Go-Lacta

Yes to Philippine Moringa!!!

Hello, it’s Angela! Since there exist many varieties of Moringa throughout the globe, I am often asked why I chose Philippine Moringa (Malunggay) a...

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the Go-Lacta Story | Go-Lacta

the Go-Lacta Story

Hello, I’m Angela! Thank you for checking out Go-Lacta®; we are proud and honored to be a part of your breastfeeding journey. I am often asked what...

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