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When you find something that works,
Share it with the world. 

The decision to have a child, a birthing or adoption plan then onto breastfeeding, there are a lot parents go through. Parenthood, fatherhood, motherhood can be overwhelming, emotional, joyful, scary, exciting and definitely life changing. It's a lifetime promise to yourself, to your little one and to your family. This is why we try our very best to provide the best nutrition and the best environment.

I was pregnant and gave birth to my eldest daughter in the Philippines, where I grew up. Moringa oleifera Lam. (we call it Malunggay) was available all year round. It is simply known as a superfood, a vegetable that would help both of us get the nutrition our body needed as well as having one of the perfect superfoods to increase breast milk supply.

Go-Lacta Herbal Lactation Supplement About Us - When you find something that works,  Share it with the world.While I was fortunate to have nursed my 3 children, I met many parents that were struggling with low milk supply and ready to give up on breastfeeding. 

Founded in 2007, Go-Lacta® by Sugarpod Naturals has been an integral part of the breastfeeding community. The first to introduce Go-lacta® Premium Malunggay leaves into the U.S., Go-lacta® is a specially made breastfeeding supplement that can be taken prenatal and postnatal. 

Our dedication and promise to Go-lacta® parents is to provide the highest quality, premium moringa and safest lactation supplement.

Go-lacta® is pure vegetable, mother nature's gift to moms and babies.

Keep the milk flowing!

Wife, Mom of 3, CEO