Supplements to Increase Breast Milk Supply

Enhancement of Breastfeeding Among Hypertensive Mothers


Prolactin is the single most important galactopoetic hormone. Hans Selye was the first to realize that suckling provides the stimulus that supports lactation.

Enhancement of Breastfeeding Among Hypertensive Mothers with the help of malunggay leaves.Frequent suckling is required to maintain the elevated prolactin levels on which continued milk secretion depends. A delay of 1-2 days in the initiation of suckling results in diminished responsiveness of the pituitary.
Drugs that stimulate prolactin release are reserpine, metoclopromide, sulpiride, and thyrotropin-releasing hormone. An investigation was undertaken to determine the effectiveness of malunggay as a galactagogue among hypertensive patients.

One of the supplements to increase breast milk supply was found to be malunggay leaves. "These findings connote that the malunggay leaves (Moringa oleifera) not only act as lactagogues as evidenced by the earlier occurrence of breast engorgement in the treatment group, but also stimulate prolactin production as evidenced by the higher serum prolactin levels in the treatment group as well as the higher volume of expressed milk in the treatment group.

In conclusion, breastfeeding among hypertensive mothers can be enhanced by intake of malunggay capsules as evidenced by higher prolactin levels and increased production of breast-milk resulting in appreciable gains in weights of their babies.