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I loveeee these products

I recently had the pleasure of trying Go-Lacta's moringa products, including their capsules, tea, and moringa oil, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. The capsules were easy to incorporate into my daily routine and I noticed a significant improvement in my overall well-being. The moringa tea was not only delicious but also provided a soothing and rejuvenating experience. As for the moringa oil, it worked wonders for my skin and hair, leaving them nourished and radiant.

I appreciate the high quality and purity of Go-Lacta's moringa products, as well as the ethical and sustainable practices they uphold. It's clear that they are dedicated to providing top-notch products that deliver exceptional results. I highly recommend Go-Lacta's moringa products to anyone looking to enhance their health and beauty naturally. Try them out and experience the incredible benefits for yourself.

Great for milk supply

I am so glad I tried go lacta!! Milk supply has increased and I no longer need to use formula to supplement!


Helping with keeping my milk supply up


The pills have been great for my milk supply they have differently helped a great deal

Moringa tea to increase your milk supply

I am an under producer of milk and moringa tea helped me to go from about 200 ml (6,5 oz) to 300 ml (11.8 oz) in a day!
Our lactation consultant recommended it and making sure to only use one product for about 7 days and it worked!

Healthcare Sample Program


This product has helped my supply so much. I used to really struggle but I take 2 capsules with every meal and my milk comes in no problem. Highly recommend!

Happy mama

Go-Lacta has helped me to produce enough milk to feed my son. It’s an easy addition to my routine!

Love these products

I've been using the Moringa capsules and I swear they've helped me avoid getting sick this winter season. Not only are they great for supporting milk production, but even the immunity component is amazing!

Seems to work for me!


I drink this every night to keep my milk production up!! It is packed with amazing nutrients!! I highly highly recommend this to moms!! Will continue drinking after lactation due to all of the nutrient benefits I love it!!

A must!

Easy to take and help with my supply! Started a few weeks before birth.


I don’t have enough breast tissue to completely breastfeed but this helps me maximize what I have!

Lactation Moringa Leaf Capsules

Love Go-Lacta

I love all of the Go-lacta products so much, but my favorites are the capsules and the oil. The capsules are convenient and have helped my supply so much. I've also noticed that they make my milk fattier which has been great.

love the go-lacta!

I loved my first experience with the go-Lacta supplement - the pill doesn’t have a weird taste which is great! to me it taste more like a matcha and I noticed that my milk was fattier which I love. I did notice an increase in my breast milk I ordered the smaller pack to be sure it would work and I wish I had ordered the bigger one!

Lactation Boost Sample Packets
Anneliese E.
So far, so good!

I do believe my supply has upped a bit since I've tried the samples. The only downside is the bottle of moringa dry oil I ordered seems to be defective. It doesn't pump at all. So it's difficult to use, especially when my hands are full most of the time. Not sure if this is a normal error on the manufacturer's part or if I just got unlucky.

Hello Anneliese,

Thank you for your review. We’re so sorry you’re having difficulty with the oil. It is an airless pump which keeps the product’s efficacy and prolongs its quality. It works as a a vacuum effect is created by the pumping action to extract the product. Please pump a few times and product will come out. Or if there may be a solid oil that is stuck in the opening, you may open the bottle and run warm water on the spout. Because it is an oil, when it’s cold the oil solidifies but easily will turn liquid if you run warm water or hold it between your hands. This usually only happens in the winter or if it’s around 60 degrees below.

We hope this helps. Kindly let us know how we can ssist you further.

taste great easy to take daily I felt like I seen a difference in the consistency of the milk

The Boost Bundle
Angeli C.

The Boost Bundle


Great results

Wonderful supplement

Wonderful. Will purchase again.

It works!!

With my first two kids my milk took a while to come in which caused lots of anxiety in the beginning of my breastfeeding journey. My chiropractor recommended this product to me a few weeks before my third child was born and this worked so well. My milk came in within 3 days after giving birth. Very surprised and grateful this worked.

Purchasing the Mooring leaf tablets was my last ditch effort for the milk supply. As soon as I started taking them, I noticed a difference. Will definitely buy again.

Excellent Product

A very smooth and useful product for baby and mom!