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So I’m Filipino and use malunggay/Moringa often in foods we cook. Being able to take these daily in pill form, makes life so much easier than having to cook the leaves myself. Also, trying to find the plant here in the US is a bit difficult too. Thank you go-lacta!

2nd Review with Photo

As mentioned in my first review, moringa saved our journey. Don’t hesitate, BUY THEM ! 👏🏼

Such a beautiful picture Aysha! Thank you so much for your time and doing this for us again :) You helped us with our system too because we're testing out these auto generate coupons. Thank you so much for helping us out. Please let us know if you haven;t received a coupon. It should sent out within today. Also would love to give you a gift with your next order. Please add a quick note 'golacta gift!' to your order and we will get that to you :)

Mini Mama-Baby Bundle!
Lauren Resnick
Love it!

I just love these little pills! I definitely notice an increase in my supply and I love knowing that I’m putting lots of extra nutrients into my body. And I absolutely love the oil! I put it on my face every night before bed and my skin is so happy!

Nursing While Pregnant

These moringa capsules saved my breastfeeding journey. I got pregnant shortly after my first born hit 2 months old. It drastically effected my milk supply by the time he was 7 months old. These capsules changed the game for me and gave me the chance to nurse my baby even if I had to supplement with formula for a little while. He just turned 1 and we’re still going strong. Thank you GoLacta!!! ❤️

Moringa Leaf Capsules (30 pk)

My baby is getting plenty of milk plus I have to pump the extra!! I love the capsules. The Powder is awesome too, I didnt even taste it when I mixed it in with a shake. The capsules paired with regular feedings and pumpings worked so well for us. We are 4 months into our breast feeding journey so we have a bit longer to go. Im about to go purchase another bag of the capsules!! Itll be my third bag so far. The bags last a bit depending on how many capsules you take a day. The larger bag is a bit pricey but sooooo worth it! The bag of 30 capsules is actually a great price!

As a neo-natal nurse, I know the importance of breastmilk for babies. So when My daughter was pregnant with her first baby, I bought Go-Lacta for her to start taking when she was 36 weeks pregnant. She was able to hand express and take tubes of colostrum with her to the hospital. This was a God send since her baby spent a week in NICU. The nurses were able to use those to settle him after procedures. By 3 days post-partum she was beginning to see her milk come in and never had engorgement issues. I attribute this to Go-Lacta. She is continuing to take it now that he is home to increase her supply.

Helps me be able to continue to breastfeed

Review on Birthday Bundle

I wanted to try a little bit of everything and grabbed this bundle. I'm currently nursing twins and had a drop in supply and needed a boost. I've been on this supplement for a few weeks now and no significant change in my pumping output. I recently started the "max" dose based off the recommendations I received from a chat. I'm really hoping this helps me out. I do however love the taste of the powder and the tea! Both very pleasant. I have put the powder in a morning shake and it tastes amazing (barely notice it, other than it is bright green in color). I would recommend these products to any nursing moms.

Really helping in boost my milk production! The team were amazing as well when I needed to get a replacement for a lost package! Would definitely recommend and will be ordering again!

I love this tea! Its been helpful since becoming pregnant and still nursing my 12 month old. I almost lost my milk but this tea plus the capsules are helping us continue and I am so thankful for that.

My baby used to prefer my right breast and refused the left. Shortly after starting GoLacta's Moringa capsules, she goes back and forth for the first time in over a year! Thank you!!

Have kept up a healthy supply 9ver the last 7+ months taking 2-4 tablets daily. So grateful :)

I love supplementing with this product, it really does help my milk flow come in! Its amazing and it brings me peace of mind knowing my milk supply comes in strong for my little guy!
Thank you a bunch go-lacta !! (:

The best!
Works as advertised - love the support and peace of mind I get from this product!

Is This Magic?
These capsules are effective and reliable. As a first-time mom, I was struggling with producing enough milk for my baby and that was making me feel as if something was wrong with me (by the way, know that you are not a bad mom if the same thing is happening to you). But I remembered that the nurse from the breastfeeding class I attended recommended using Go-Lacta. I looked it up and decided to try them, and I do not regret it at all. My milk supply has increased incredibly. Before I struggled to pump 4oz to store for later, and now I can pump 5oz with ease and I could even keep going, but I don't have the need. You won't regret trying this product.

Amazing tea!

I absolutely love love love this tea! It helped
Me keep my supply up for my daughter while I was pregnant with her sister. Saved our lives! I’m a total tea snot abs I love the moringa tea!

Moringa Leaf Capsules (180 pk)
Jessica Hoerschelmann
Great for boosting milk production

These have been a great boost to my milk production through my return to work transition. Used withy older child as well, and had much better success with these Moringa pills than fenugreek pills.

8 Months Strong!

I had an oversupply while my son was in the PICU - I pumped like crazy! When we finally got the go ahead to start breastfeeding at 1 month, I stopped pumping. I had to start back up again once I returned to work and it’s been a struggle to find the time to pump (think interesting placement of zoom camera). With all this extra stress, I felt my supply slipping. Go Lacta has been a game changer in a positive way for us. I am very thankful to have found it!

Worth it!

My little guy went through a bit of a hunger strike during his 4th leap and my supply definitely took a dive. Tried Go-Lacta and we are back on track and doing great! Definitely recommend!


Golacta helped me produce enough to feed my ever hungry newborn and build a stash of milk to freeze!

Triple Wow Bundle!
Manon Salvi
best quality

I love all the products from golacta, they help me so much through my breastfeeding journey ! Super quality and so effective !!

Increase in supply immediately!

I saw an increase in my supply within 3 days and actually had to reduce how much I was taking since I didn’t want to start pumping and my baby was more than happy with the new increased supply! Awesome stuff.

Super booster!

Love these! This is my third time ordering, they are so great to help keep supply up!

Better than expected!!

I loved this bundle so much! I’ve been incorporating the powder in with certain meals in the morning and drinking the tea in the evenings. The capsules are good to take for an extra boost! I also love my gift which is a smoothie cup it’s so cute and perfect for on the go. Thank you go lacta this bundle has been such a joy and keeping my milk supply at its prime while in my first trimester of pregnancy and nursing my almost one year old.