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The dry oil is amazing. I use it on myself and my son

Moringa Leaf Capsules (30 pk)

It works Great

Yes Really it works well I am still using my second child

Love this powder!

I really do feel like this has upped my supply!! I don’t pump so I can’t do a number measurement but my little one is getting fuller faster!

Great powder!

I love adding this to my kiddos smoothies! It’s a great way to make sure they are getting added nutrients. The texture of the powder is amazing!!

Amazing Moisturizer

This stuff is literally amazing!! My face and hair are loving it!!!!

Moringa capsules

They definitely work! & when I stop taking them I see a drop in my supply

Super useful ang highly recommended

My LC recommended to use this one. No regrets very helpful for my milk supply!

Moringa Leaf Capsules (180 pk)

Milk quality

I haven't noticed an increase with my milk supply but I have seen a change in the quality of my milk!


Go-lacta was recommended to me by my lactation consultant and I'm so grateful she did. I was having trouble keeping my supply up and taking the moringa every day makes a huge difference. I also love that it comes in a stand up bag instead of a bottle.

Helped Increase and Maintain My Supply

This is my third breastfeeding journey and by far the most challenging. My baby struggled and refused to latch off and on, and as a result my supply suffered. I started taking these capsules to increase then maintain my supply, and they did just that. I have been taking 2 once a day and have a slight surplus that I've stockpiled.

Love the convenience

Love love the golacta moringa products. I got the trio pack. While I’m not the biggest fan of the tea, I love the capsules and the powder packets to add to my smoothies then I love the moringa oil for my face and for baby too. Love the quality and nutrition they offer

__ this product

I bought for my daughter who is breastfeeding. I can see a huge difference in the milk production.

Liquid Gold

Omg!! This capsules are worth every penny!! My supply has doubled and I couldn’t be happier!

The Boost Bundle
Melissa M.
This is the only product I need

I really enjoy the tea and capsules. I drink the tea twice a day (morning and night) and use the capsules in smoothies or just take them with water 1-2 times per day. I have seen great results with starting a milk supply stash and providing my babes with sufficient milk throughout the day and night.

Interested to continue

I have low breastmilk supply and the moringa capsules were recommended by a friend. It was easy to remember to take two capsules 1-3 times a day. I did see an uptick by about 20% to my pumped supply. I will definitely be interested in ordering more to see if the trend continues.

Earthy flavor

The tea was a bit earthier than what I had anticipated. I saw a slight uptick in my output after drinking it for about a week.

Great product!

It really does help increase supply while adding nutrients :blush:

The taste isn’t bad, and

The taste isn’t bad, and it mixes well with smoothies. It keeps me energized, and I believe it is helping my supply along with nursing on demand. I also put it into my own lactation brownies. The taste is hidden, so no issues. I recommend this product, and I will be purchasing again.

Tiffany! thank you for your feedback! It is 100% natural leaves! so yes, dark chocolate is the best to balance off the green. This is awesome!

Perfect bundle for moms and babies

Grew up eating moringa in the Philippines and can attest to the multiple uses and benefits that it has. I know how moringa is the best for lactating mothers, so I was so happy to be able to get these for myself here in the US.

Boost Bundle

Keeps me hydrated and producing a great amount of milk

Love this!

I always have trouble keeping up my milk supply, but these supplements have helped so much! The oil has also helped my newborn with his dry skin.

Definitely helps me maintain my

Definitely helps me maintain my supply!

Love this stuff!

Amazed by how good my skin feels after I use this stuff! I used it all over while pregnant and now postpartum using it as an overnight oil. I feel like it’s making me look glowy and I’m loving it more and more everyday!