About Us

The power of a mother’s love, blended with nature and science.

Parenthood is an incredible journey that

entails a range of emotions - joy, fear,

excitement, and sall of these feelings can be

overwhelming. It's a promise to yourself, your

little one, and your family that you'll do your

very best to provide the best

nutrition and a nurturing environment. 

As a mother who breastfed all three of her

children, I understand the struggles that new

and unprepared moms face with low milk


This was the inspiration behind Go-Lacta® by

Sugarpod Naturals. We aim to offer the

benefits of Go-Lacta Premium

Malunggay leaves to other mothers.

Our commitment at Go-lacta® is to provide the highest quality lactation supplements curated with premium Moringa leaves. Whether you’re expecting or already nursing, we’re here to support on every step of this journey. 

A Happy Baby is a Happy Mama so let us help you keep the milk flowing!


Wife, Mom of 3, CEO and Founder