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One tree, countless Moringa benefits

Jun 03, 2021Go-Lacta Moms

300 the number of diseases and illnesses the Moringa plant is said to treat

73% of Moringa oil is oleic acid—the same kind of good fat found in olive oil

92 (and counting) are the number of nutrients found in Moringa

46 is the number of anti-oxidants found in Moringa

25x  Moringa tops the iron in spinach

9 is the number of essential amino acids contained in Moringa, making it one of just a handful plant that contains all these nutrients

7x Moringa tops the Vit. C content in oranges

4X Moringa tops the Vit. A content in carrots

4X Moringa tops the calcium content in milk

3X Moringa tops the potassium content in  bananas

1st plant on earth to have been found with the highest protein ration at 40%

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