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Moringa: The Tree of Life

Oct 25, 2020Go-Lacta Moms

Just how amazing is the Moringa tree? It’s nothing short of a miracle and so it has been nicknamed "the Tree of Life".

The entire tree, from root to leaves, is packed with potent nutrients and so many different products can be culled including pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food stuffs from all the various components of the Moringa tree.

Some fun facts about the Moringa tree: 

approximately 1000 pods are produced per Moringa tree in a year

40% of Moringa oil is contained in the seeds

59 to 95 degrees fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for Moringa trees to thrive but this hardy variety can still grow under cooler temperatures

20 is the average number of years a Moringa tree can live and continue to sprout leaves

13 different Moringa genus species currently exist around the world

5 to 6 meters is the average growth of a Moringa tree in a single year

1 to 5 kg of leaves can be harvested from one Moringa tree each year

Moringa leaves are both a galactagogue for nursing mothers and a superfood, making it a great green addition to your everyday.

Arborists, scientists and health professionals will continue to research the many benefits of Moringa, the wonder tree that just keeps on giving!

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