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Go-Lacta® Magical Chocolate Bark

Nov 10, 2020Shellaine Corwel-Strasser
1 tsp Go-Lacta® powder
3 to 4 different colors of
chocolate candy melts
(we used Wilton brand)
assorted sprinkles
Lucky Charm cereal
fruit flavored marshmallows

1. pour about 1/2 bag of each color into separate microwave safe ceramic bowls

2. warm chocolate melts in microwave on a low setting, in 30 second increments until fully melted. stir melts with a spoon until a smooth consistency

3. split the 1 tsp of GoLacta® evenly between your melted bowls of chocolate melts (approximately 1/4 tsp for each bowl if you have 4 different colors)

4.line a cookie sheet with parchment paper

5. use a spoon to transfer small mounds of each color on to the parchment paper. use a fork to mix chocolate from surrounding mounds & create a swirl pattern

6. work fast to add sprinkles, marshmallows and Lucky Charms cereal. let set in freezer for 5 minutes before breaking in to bite size chunks

7. enjoy!

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