Keep your strength up by eating small meals throughout the day

 pumpkin seeds       

yeah, we totally know you want those potato chips. who doesn't love that salty, crunchy goodness? or a sweet treat, maybe with extra whipped cream? hello! it's pumpkin spice everything season and of course you deserve it. empty calories are so delicious on the way in but in terms of nourishment or sustenance, net a big zero. ⁠

with a new baby in the house, we know sometimes it's all you can do to grab a single bite of anything before being called in for "mom duty". hard as this may be, make the food choice a good one if you can swing it, as both you and your baby will benefit. ⁠even a handful of nuts or dried fruit can better help your body sustain the demands of milk production throughout a busy day. ⁠

some other great "one-handed" snacks:⁠
cubed hard cheeses⁠
yogurt ⁠
carrot sticks⁠
hard boiled eggs⁠

mama, it's up to you to make every ounce count!