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Latch and Love

Aug 20, 2021Sarang Awaze

Latch & Love: Here are ways Moringa can help keep your milk flowing, naturally

Remember that first successful latch and how your baby fed with gusto right after? It’s a beautiful experience that all mommies will never forget. It is often during this tender moment that mothers start regarding breastfeeding as a miracle and appreciate how nature has designed a woman’s body to be able to provide her child with the only food it will need in the first few months.

Boosting milk supply, naturally

Breast milk contains precious antibodies and just the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients that are easily absorbed by a baby’s tiny stomach. It is for these reasons and more that lactating moms want to ensure good milk supply. But the questions they find themselves asking are, “how do I do it naturally and when, where and how do I start?” The easy answer is found in the best galactagogue nature has to offer, moringa.

Moringa is a hardy tree found in tropical and subtropical countries, its leaves loaded with nutrients such as calcium, protein, amino acids, iron, selenium, and more apart from the fact that it is a known galactagogue. In Go-Lacta farms in the Philippines, the leaves are picked under the early morning sun, immediately dried and packaged on the same day in three forms: capsule, powder, and tea. From here, you have all you need to get you started on increasing your milk, naturally.


Start taking Go-Lacta moringa supplements while pregnant. Two capsules (at 500 mg each) twice day. This is to prepare your body for milk production early. It is also recommended for women who are expecting for the 2nd to 5th time, especially when they have experienced very low milk supply with their previous babies.
After birth, taking three capsules twice a day is recommended, adding to the dosage if more milk is desired. Of course, these supplements may be complemented with nutrient-packed whole foods. Topping the list for breastfeeding moms are oatmeal, protein rich foods such as beans, legumes, healthy fats like avocados, nuts and seeds and green leafy vegetables.


moringa leaves

Know your source. Moringa is native to countries in Central America, Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Those grown in Asia are said to be some of the varieties with the highest nutritional content. For Go-Lacta, there’s only one ideal source which is the Philippines. This agriculture-rich country is where the Moringa Oleifera Lam variety is sourced and processed for all Go-Lacta supplements. It is placed in packages pure, raw and 100% organic.



Straight up or mixed. We don’t even know where to start when it comes to the multiple and exciting ways you can take moringa. All three supplement forms are so convenient and handy, you can take them with you anywhere. For the capsule, you may be guided with our recommendations above. For the powder, you can mix in so many drink choices or used in dishes as you will discover in these kitchen-tested recipes. The tea is a good way to hydrate apart from water. Drink it—hot or cold—as you get that much-needed rest in between feedings.

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