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Efficacy of the Different Galactagogues Among Mothers with Lactation Insufficiency

The results of the study present that the mothers eating moringa made more milk than the ones taking Reglan®, but less milk than mothers taking Domperidone. Moringa, a pure vegetable, provides lactation benefits from the consumption of an all-natural galactagogue, a way to increase breast milk production without the side-effects explicitly identified when taking prescribed medication. 

The results of the study present that the mothers eating malunggay made more milk than the ones taking Reglan, but less milk than mothers taking Domperidone.


Excerpts: Galactagogues are agents that enhance milk secretion and improve let-down. Among the galactagogues, metoclopramide (Reglan®), domperidone and moringa leaves show promising results. Metoclopramide (Reglan®) and Domperidone are drugs used primarily for gastrointestinal diagnostics and in treating various forms of vomiting and for organic gastrointestinal disorders.

It is common practice in the Philippines especially in the rural areas to give moringa leaves to increase milk production as ingredient to the usual viant to pospartal women in order to achieve successful lactation. Dried young moringa leaves powder being marketed in capsule form was shown to increase the volume of milk and serum prolactine level.

Premature birth accounts for about 6-15% of the total live births. A question of what to feed these babies best is always raised. Everyone agrees that breast milk from a mother who delivered prematurely is the most suitable because of its higher protein and electrolyte contents. Mothers with premature infants despite being highhly motivated have difficulty establishing lactation because of absent stimulation from lack of mother-infact contact. To add to this difficulty, it takes 3-4 days postpartum for the establishment of an adequate milk supply. These problems increase maternal fatigue and anxiety resulting to cessation of lactation. Therefore, mothers must rely on breast milk expression until their infants are able to suckle directly. Milk production often falters in mothers of premature and sick infants when lactation os maintained solely on milk expression. Hence, a number of medications have been used to enhance milk production in mothers desirous of lactation who are experiencing difficulty in establishing and maintaining milk production. The data presented in this study demonstrates a significant increasing trend in the volume of milk on day 7 and day 14 in the domperidone, metoclopramide and moringa capsule group.

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