180 capsules Wholesale Premium Organic Moringa Leaf


100% organic. 100% raw. 100% pure.

500 mg vegan capsules packed with 100% premium Moringa leaves.

A single-ingredient supplement rich in nutrients while providing expectant and nursing moms the path to producing breast milk for their babies.

No blends. No chemical process. No extraction.

For prenatal care, take 2 capsules twice a day before pregnancy to boost your breast milk supply soon as you deliver baby.

For postpartum care, take 2 capsules, one to three times a day. You may increase or decrease the dose depending on your desired milk supply*.

*"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."


Ingredients: 100% pure, powdered Moringa leaves, vegetable cellulose capsules 

We are internationally organic certified by reputable organizations: USDA, EU Control Union Certifications and Japanese Organic Certification, ensuring product safety and quality for our customers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 191 reviews
Katherine Reyes

So I’m Filipino and use malunggay/Moringa often in foods we cook. Being able to take these daily in pill form, makes life so much easier than having to cook the leaves myself. Also, trying to find the plant here in the US is a bit difficult too. Thank you go-lacta!

Aysha Rivas-Brown
2nd Review with Photo

As mentioned in my first review, moringa saved our journey. Don’t hesitate, BUY THEM ! 👏🏼

Such a beautiful picture Aysha! Thank you so much for your time and doing this for us again :) You helped us with our system too because we're testing out these auto generate coupons. Thank you so much for helping us out. Please let us know if you haven;t received a coupon. It should sent out within today. Also would love to give you a gift with your next order. Please add a quick note 'golacta gift!' to your order and we will get that to you :)

Aysha Rivas-Brown
Nursing While Pregnant

These moringa capsules saved my breastfeeding journey. I got pregnant shortly after my first born hit 2 months old. It drastically effected my milk supply by the time he was 7 months old. These capsules changed the game for me and gave me the chance to nurse my baby even if I had to supplement with formula for a little while. He just turned 1 and we’re still going strong. Thank you GoLacta!!! ❤️

Katie Goosen

Moringa Leaf Capsules (30 pk)

Julia R.

My baby is getting plenty of milk plus I have to pump the extra!! I love the capsules. The Powder is awesome too, I didnt even taste it when I mixed it in with a shake. The capsules paired with regular feedings and pumpings worked so well for us. We are 4 months into our breast feeding journey so we have a bit longer to go. Im about to go purchase another bag of the capsules!! Itll be my third bag so far. The bags last a bit depending on how many capsules you take a day. The larger bag is a bit pricey but sooooo worth it! The bag of 30 capsules is actually a great price!

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