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How to have adequate breast milk soon as baby arrives

Nov 03, 2020Angela Veloso

Dr. Manuel A. Veloso Jr. MD, OB-GYN Notes:

With Go-Lacta users, they know that taking Go-Lacta organic moringa capsules 2 - 4 weeks before delivery will ensure adequate lactation as soon as soon as the baby is put to the breast. Go-Lacta short circuits the physiologic delay in lactation. Thus, dehydration and inadequate nutrition causing jaundice can can be avoided. I would encourage lactation consultants to recommend taking Go-lacta 1-2 weeks before delivery.

How to give baby nutritious breast milk.

An excerpt from the article... NYTimes on March 15, 2018 by Nicholas Bakalar 

Exclusive breast-feeding is widely recommended by experts, and rates of breast-feeding have risen. But so have rates of readmission for dehydration and jaundice attributable to inadequate nutrition. Researchers studied 164 infants who exclusively breast-fed one to three days after birth but whose weight loss was greater than the 75th percentile for their age. Their mothers had not yet begun mature milk production. 

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