Stay hydrated with Effective fluids. Aim for at least 80 ounces per day


Mamas need hydration during milk production and it is waaaaay easier to reach for that soda or latte but hydration via effective liquids will keep the milkworks humming along.
Every ounce of breast milk you can produce for your little one is another ounce of bespoke nutrition tailor made for your little love, straight from the source - YOU. keep yourself going with our 100% Premium Dried Moringa Tea - enjoy it hot or cold. ⁠every bag makes 16 oz of tea.
We like to pair the tea with lemonade for a refreshing twist on the Arnold Palmer.⁠ can substitute with a warm recipe of the tea (adding honey and lemon. or honey, lemon, grated ginger and mint. So many variations!) as we head into colder months
Every ounce counts. whether 2 ounces or 20, you made it mama