routine is key to getting milk production established and to keep the milk flowing


Once a breastfeeding routine is established with your newborn, most new mothers on average will produce somewhere between 2-4 ounces of breast milk for their baby at every feeding.

While this does not seem like a lot to you or me, remember that newborns still have very small tummies and are not yet able to take in large amounts of fluids, which will also account for the many close cluster feedings you will share with your baby in those first few weeks. As baby grows, so does the size of his/her stomach as well as their appetite. Your body is a smart milk making machine and will always take it's milk production cues from your baby, then make what is needed to fulfill that need. 

The intake ounces will ebb and flow with the demand feedings of your baby as they mature from tiny infant to inquisitive baby to active toddler.

With the introduction of soft foods, you may notice a drop in your baby's interest in your milk, which may affect your output. Not to worry. As babies are such curious little creatures, this drop is completely natural so do continue to offer your baby the breast throughout the day to keep your milk flowing and signal to your body that there is still a demand for milk.