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tiny but mighty colostrum is liquid gold!

Feb 04, 2022Shellaine Corwel-Strasser


After delivering baby, if there are no medical complications, most mothers will experience their first milk, known as “colostrum”.

Colostrum is a thick, pale yellow substance chock full of nutrients for new baby. Colostrum is usually baby’s first foray into “mama-made” goodness and typically, only a little of this “liquid gold” is needed to get baby off to a great start. Sadly, colostrum is available only for a limited time as mama moves into her breast milk making groove. This "liquid gold" is here and gone in the blink of an eye as it will disappear as your body transitions in to full milk production.

It is important to mention, that not every mother will produce colostrum. or at least recognize that it is flowing; the amount can be so infintesimal, that you could miss it! not to worry if you do not produce colostrum; your body is so smart that the arrival of your little bundle of love will trigger your milk making capacities and soon you will be creating and sharing a bespoke food source made just for YOUR little.

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