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Tandem Breastfeeding Go-Lacta

May 21, 2022Health Professional

Yes, you can make tandem nursing work with the right support

For some moms it may be planned but for others it just seemed to be the natural route. Whether you are one or the other, there is no question that tandem nursing gives maximum benefits to the toddler that has come to depend on you for milk and for the new baby that needs your milk.

What is tandem nursing?

According to Healthline.com tandem nursing is simply nursing two or more children of different ages at the same time. The most common set-up is nursing two children—a baby and a toddler. A mother may breastfeed an older child all throughout her pregnancy and may continue to do so when the newborn arrives. Even if they haven’t planned to, some moms find themselves breastfeeding two children especially when the older child isn’t ready to wean just yet.

Go-Lacta tandem breastfeeding

Breastfeeding two children at the same time can be challenging for most mothers physically and not far behind is the insecurity of having ample milk supply for both.  Some moms have also wondered if it’s okay to breastfeed their 11-18 month while pregnant and here at Go-Lacta we say it’s perfectly okay with the right support.


  1. Take milk increasing supplements while pregnant

Even if you are confidently nursing an older child while pregnant with another, your supply may be compromised with all the hormonal changes taking place inside your body to prepare for the new baby. Moringa milk supplements will be your best assurance that your milk production won’t dip at a time when you need it to be in full and steady supply. Go-Lacta’s 100% organic moringa--which comes in capsule, powder, and tea form--is an effective galactagogue that is safe to take even while pregnant. Start taking two capsules twice daily at 36 weeks to prepare the body for tandem nursing once the new baby arrives.


  1. No hard and fast rules to tandem nursing. And just like that you’ve got two! Feel your way around your new situation. You may breastfeed your infant first or you may breastfeed the infant on one breast and your toddler on the other. Pretty soon your body will adjust to this new rhythm of supply and demand and will make enough milk for both. Remember there is no right or wrong way. The only way is what works best for mom.


  1. Enjoy the benefits of tandem nursing. As challenging as it can be, tandem nursing has many benefits apart from providing both children with the maximum benefits of mother’s milk. The set-up will not only help your toddler transition better in the new situation but he or she will be able to bond faster with the newborn. Moreover, the toddler can help reduce and relieve engorgement and plugged ducts, preparing the way for little sibling to latch on much easier when it’s his or her turn.


You may continue taking moringa supplements although throughout your tandem nursing journey to keep the milk flowing.

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