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My milk came in like a champ! - by Ursula Z.

I can't believe how fast time has flown by!  My 10 yo was truly the one who benefitted from Go-Lacta tho-5 weeks early and my milk came in like a champ!  So thanks for making the product!!

MAGICAL! - by Julia

My lactation consultant recommended the Go Lacta classic tea to me because I was having trouble producing enough milk. I decided to buy it and try it, but wasn’t expecting much from it. HOLY MOLY!!! If the flood gates of milk land didn’t open up! This tea is my go-to and it works phenomenaly! I ran out for a week and what do you know? My milk supply was lower than a grandma’s sagging girdle. As soon as my order came in and I drank 2 cups, I was back in business (for my baby. i don’t sell my milk just so we’re clear). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to anyone who needs help producing more. It also has a pleasant taste to it. Thanks Go Lacta!

Saved my milk supply - by Kendall R.

My milk supply started to dry up when my son was 3 months old due to a tongue tie. I got on this supplement immediately and had his tongue tie revised by a pediatric dentist. This supplement was recommended to me by my IBCLC. My supply began improving after taking 2 tsp/ day (blended in a smoothie) in just a couple of days. I am forever grateful to this supplement for helping us get through that obstacle and continue breastfeeding. I will continue using this supplement for many months to come.

Yes it works! - by SoSo

Well...I am on my 4th bottle. My baby had a hard time latching so I became a pump ONLY mom at the start...after 2 months I was stressed due to moving to our new home and having a Premie baby...I started taking them and I had enough plus a freezer full from End of May til End of July...I stopped taking them...come July I was low supply after getting sick...I started back and I needed more than one a day...but I have enough milk for my baby. Sometimes I get 8 oz per pump and sometimes just enough. I am still.playing with how many to take. My milk does have a green tint when bright light is placed under the bottle. I am thankful for this product. Hopefully I can build that supply up.

So glad I found these products! - by Rita

After having my third baby in June, my milk did not come in very well as it had after previous pregnancies. I started taking Go-Lacta and noticed immediate improvement in my supply. I have continued to take it and am happy to report a very healthy milk supply. If it weren't for these supplements, I'm not sure I would have been able to continue nursing. Thank you Go-Lacta for helping me continue my breastfeeding journey!

Amazing - by Jennifer

Super fast shipping got here in record time. I haven't seen it work for me but I knew that was coming as I had a reduction . Seller is amazing tho and I have heard so many good things. I was kinda looking for a miracle.

Very helpful! - by Grateful mom

I love your product! My son was recently admitted to the hospital due to a virus. I was unable to nurse him due to medical attention that he needed which prevented any feedings for over 24 hours. He was ok being on IV fluids, but I was left to pumping, something I was never good at, and would decrease my supply quickly. I kept up with my vitamins and your product. I had no problem and I kept my supply. I've reestablished nursing and it's like we never had a delay. Thank you so much!

Works for me! - by Stacey

This is the one product that I have noticed worked!!! I always keep it on hand and when I notice a dip in my supply I take some morning and night for anywhere between 1 and 3 days and my supply is back up!! I really wish I had known about this with my first since I struggled so much with my supply with my first! This product has made my experience with my second soooo much less stressful!!

It worked! - by Robyn

I was very skeptical to try yet another thing. I was also desperate to increase my supply. I was supplementing after every nursing and doing everything I possibly could to increase my supply with no results. I started taking 2 go lacta 2x per day. I saw maybe a small increase. The first time I took 3 go lacta 3x per day, I had leaking the next morning. I haven't had to supplement in a few days and I have a little bit to help build my freezer stash back up. I just ran out and because of the holiday won't get my new order for a few days. We will see what happens to my supply in that time. Thank you for this amazing product!

Love this product! - by Angie Prince

I have used Go-Lacta with both of my daughters. My first is 5 and I used it when she was 10 months old and my supply decreased from an illness. It worked immediately and I was able to continue nursing until my daughter self weaned at 13 months. My second is now 3 months and is exclusively BF. I bought a bottle before she was born and have used it off and on as she goes through growth spurts. I LOVE IT. I am so confident in it that I bought a bottle for my oldest daughters teacher who shared with me her struggle of not being able to BF her 4 month old. She stopped BFing at 5weeks and with Go-Lacta, nursing, and pumping has reestablished her supply. I would, and have, recommend it to any BFing mom!

I trust your product completely - by Alejandra, Mexico

I started Go-Lacta when my daughter was 4 months old. I tried everything and nothing worked. My lactation consultant suggested I try this before I give up breastfeeding completely. I am grateful I did. My daughter is now 3 years old and she is thriving. Healthy, tall and smart.

Happy it helped - by Anonymous

It worked wonders and enabled me to get through months 7-12. I stopped taking it then, but continued to breastfeed 4 more months. (I wasn't as worried about having enough at this point.)

My friends love it - by Anonymous

This product has helped and I plan on buying more. While it hasn't increased my supply dramatically, it has helped increase it slightly. I've recommended it to some of my friends. By far, I think this is one of the best supplements I've used.

Increase Rapidly - by Midwife

I am a midwife and I tell almost every nursing mom that I meet/know. It is wonderful for increasing milk supply rapidly and, its so easy!

My milk came in. - by Anonymous

It works great. My milk was supply was starting to dry up around 4 months post partum and I was already taking fenugreek. I added Go-lacta based on a friends recommendation. It has allowed me to continue breast feeding until month 6! We'll see how much further I can keep going.

I'm breastfeeding! - by Anonymous

I had problems producing enough milk for my first two children; with my 3rd, I started using your product and I produced much better.

Helps in other things too! - by Anonymous

Actually helped with my energy level and my hgb level too

Very Happy - by Anonymous

I have recommended your product to two friends and they are very happy with the increase in their milk production.

Great Customer Service - by Anonymous

You guys have been fantastic with customer service and shipping time. I usually get my order within 2 or 3 days. Thanks so much!

No side effects - by Anonymous

Great product and I would recommend it to other BF women. No side effects that I can determine.

Making too much - by Anonymous

Making plenty milk now so i quit. I started out with 2-3 twice a day & gradually decreased once I started producing more milk.

Oversupply! - by Anonymous

I took 3, 3x/day but stopped due to oversupply!

Love it! - by Sara K. from MA

“LOVE your product!!! Thanks for helping me feed my baby :)”

Most effective! - by Linda B. from MA

“it works for me too - I used to take all kinds of herbs but this is the one with the most effects.”

Works! - by Jessica, Cambridge, MA

I just wanted to write and let you know that the Go-Lacta really worked for me! Thank you! It was fairly amazing---I took the first ones around 2:00pm and noticed a difference early the next morning. I'm still taking them, but only 6/day (I started at 9), and things are still going well. I don't pump often, but when I do I get at least 50% more than I used to (not a ton overall, I used to be able to pump maybe an ounce total after feeding her, and now I can get 1.5 to 2 ounces after a feeding)

Doubled My babies weight - by Debbie, from Oregon

My baby was preemie. I was so worried about his health. After taking Go-Lacta, he doubled his weight.

Go-Lacta was the one that worked! - by Susanna, from Massachusetts

"My son had a bit of jaundice and had to be supplemented. I've tried fenugreek, milk thistle, nursing mom's, and mother's milk tea, as well as oatmeal, Nature's Way Fenugreek capsules and More Milk Special Blend; but none of them worked as well as Go-Lacta. I'm now exclusively breastfeeding."

Such a blessing! - by Cathy, from Louisiana

"Keep up the great work. Your product was such a blessing for my little one. I have been telling every new Mom I know about it. :)" 

Fenugreek didn't work. - by Rachel M, Minneapolis MN

"Fenugreek didn't work, and a friend suggested Go-Lacta®. So far, so good!

Purely Breastfeeding! - by Monica P. from Corning, NY

"It’s me again, thank you for answering my questions. I just wanted to let you know that this has helped me purely breastfeed Lily . Thanks again!"

I'm breastfeeding! - by Larissa S. from Toledo, OH

"I had a hard time breastfeeding my 1st baby. She couldn’t get enough milk even when I kept pumping and tried all the methods I read in books and articles. So I had to give her formula instead. I wasn’t sure if I should try and breastfeed my second child. I’m happy to share with you that since I gave birth until now – she’s 6 months old, I’ve been breastfeeding her!"  

Amazing Results! - by Suzanne M., Long Beach CA

I got off to a poor start for nursing due to a life-threatening delivery and a tongue-tied baby. I was forced to use a supplement but vowed to get back to strictly breastfeeding as soon as possible. It was not easy! I had a very poor milk supply and even pumping barely got any results. I tried everything anybody recommended and wasted a lot of money on remedies that did not work and some, like fenugreek, had bad results (gassy, uncomfortable baby). Finally, someone gave me a sample of Go-Lacta and the results were amazing!! I am so happy with this product! There are no side effects and I experienced a dramatic increase in milk. I wish I could tell every mom with a low milk supply about this! My baby is still happily nursing (and thriving) at 17 months and I will continue to take Go-Lacta as needed til we have run the course. My only regret is that I didn't know about it sooner. 

Thanks so much! - by Mary Grace B. from San Luis Obispo, CA

"I really didn’t know if this would work for me. To be honest, I was a little skeptical and tired of trying. As a last resort, I took a chance and bought from you. Wow, Go-Lacta® worked for me. I’m really happy – you have no idea. Ryan is taking my milk and he’s now 4 months and 16 lbs." 

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