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What is Go-Lacta® and what is a galactagogue?

Oct 25, 2020Shellaine Corwel-Strasser

What is Go-Lacta® and what is a galactagogue?

Go-Lacta® Moringa is an amazing 100% natural galactagogue directly from the Philippine Islands . A galactagogue promotes the lactation process in both the human and animal species and is known for addressing low breast milk supply issues. Galactagogues are available in several forms: synthetic (laboratory formulated), plant-derived (created using plant components), or endogenous (naturally occurring within a source).

Lactation consultants, doulas, midwives and nurses will often recommend a galactagogue to mothers experiencing low output to help support and encourage breast milk production to a level suited to their baby’s feeding needs. A galactagogue can be taken in the form of a capsule, a tea, a tincture or a powder and many varieties are available at local stores and pharmacies.

In it’s raw, natural form, Moringa is also known as a nutrient rich, green superfood much like the familiar spinach and kale, but Moringa provides even more health benefits, vitamins and minerals than both those greens combined.

All 3 Go-Lacta® formulas are sourced from the variety known as Malunggay, pronounced mal-lung-guy in Tagalog, the mother tongue of it’s native Philippines. Both our capsules and powder formulations contain a single, 100% natural ingredient: dried and finely pulverized Moringa leaves. Our Classic Premium Moringa Tea is comprised of freshly dried and crushed Moringa leaves combined with brown rice that both tempers the natural flavor of Moringa as well as add a nutritive component.

Research has determined fenugreek prohibitive for milk production in some mothers with conditions such as hypothyroidism and can actually have the prohibit breast milk production. Our 3 Moringa formulas are completely free of fenugreek or other filler ingredients. Our capsules, powder and tea do not need to rely on other ingredients for efficacy plus all 3 are free from glutens, wheat, dairy, egg, shellfish, caseins, tree nuts and peanuts. A cellulose fiber capsule makes our capsules both vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Feel like your breast milk supply could use a boost? Is your baby experiencing a growth spurt? Looking to bulk up your freezer stash? Set yourself up for breast milk success and try one of our formulas to support your breastfeeding journey.

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