Who's in charge of your milk supply?

Who's in charge of your milk supply?

Jan 15, 2023Shellaine Corwel-Strasser

Ever wonder what drives or influences your breastmilk supply?

PSSST! we'll give you a hint: they are super cute, smell delicious, light up when they see you and are the BEST snugglers.

Yes, you guessed it: your one, your only, your baby.

Your baby will have a lot of influence over your breastmilk supply, especially if she or he (or they, if twins or triplets. oh my!) is experiencing a growth spurt (and note: these tend to happen JUST as you both are settling in to a routine. one night fine: you are patting yourself on the back for your awesome mama skills. then wham! the next night; up several times for milk and the whole sleep routine is out the window. the first year is a moving target I tell you). If you are a pumper, this might register as a day when you pump less ounces. The same goes for a period where you baby has reached a temporary plateau in growth - this might register as more ounces pumped on that particular day. 

remember, no haul is too small. whether 2 ounces or 20, you made it mama!⁠

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