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Does Go-Lacta work? Read our studies, talk to a healthcare specialist and decide if Go-Lacta® is right for you and your baby.

Safe and effective lactation supplement : The use of moringa leaves in capsule form is shown as an effective and safe option for the augmentation of breast milk among mothers. 

Natural vs. synthetic galactagogues:

In this study, doctors compare the amount of milk produced by mothers who consume moringa leaves (the only ingredient in Go-Lacta) with Metoclopramide (Reglan®) and Domperidone. Reglan® and Domperidone are drugs used to increase lactation. Domperidone is not approved for consumption in the US, whereas Reglan® is available by prescription.

The results of the study present that mothers eating moringa made more milk than ones taking Reglan®, but less milk than mothers taking Domperidone. Moringa, a pure vegetable, provides lactation benefits from the consumption of an all-natural galactagogue, without the side-effects explicitly identified when taking prescribed medication.

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Supports lactation of breastfeeding mothers:

Moringa works, and works even better with help and support. "We have found that moringa capsules do enhance lactation among breastfeeding mothers and there were no reported adverse effects from the study. In addition, public education, personal advice, and friendly support from health workers and counselors who have special understanding and skills are most effective if they work with individual mothers, and if they help their colleagues to learn the same skills."

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Promotes growth in infants:

Weight and length of babies whose moms consumed either moringa or a control, are measured in this study. Infants whose moms were taking moringa twice a day had larger weight increase and measured longer.

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Improves milk of non-nursing mothers of pre-term infants:

This study, the original study presented, showed that moringa worked well with pre-term infants.

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Safe for hypertensive moms:

"In conclusion, breastfeeding among hypertensive mothers can be enhanced by intake of moringa capsules as evidenced by higher prolactin levels and increased production of breast milk resulting in appreciable gains in weights of their babies."

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