Go-Lacta's Power of Green : Pre & Postnatal

Go-Lacta family members consciously choose Go-Lacta® Green products professionally and personally. Shared testimony speaks to a wide-range of benefits:

  • Go-Lacta is an organic, 100% all-natural, soy, corn, nut, dairy and animal-free product
  • Certified as effective and of high-quality, meeting stringent safety and efficacy protocols
  • Highly recommended by lactation consultants and medical professionals as an alternative to non-prescription medication for those including IGT or PCOS diagnosis
  • Benefits beyond lactation for those with known health conditions (i.e. thyroid, diabetes...) as moringa is a Superfood
  • Published clinical studies show Go-Lacta prenatal consumption lead to earlier onset of lactation, higher volume of breast milk production
  • Clinical Go-Lacta postnatal consumption showed increased milk supply and greater gains in infant weight and measurements
  • Successful re-lactation with Go-Lacta
  • Increases and protects milk supply of moms, including those with babies in the NICU
  • Successful lactation for parents who adopt
  • Capsules support on-the-go lifestyle and limiting schedules
  • Powder pouches allow consumption for those with dysphagia
  • Whole family benefits from powder intake in regular meals, maintaining basic nutrition patterns
  • Classic Tea promotes essential fluid intake and boosts vitamin, mineral, amino acid intake when powder doesn't.
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