Craving Boba: Go-Lacta Milk Tea - Go-Lacta

Craving Boba: Go-Lacta Milk Tea

Feb 03, 2022Angela Veloso

For Tea:
1 cup of Go-Lacta tea (brewed then cold)
1/2 cup ice (if the tea is hot)
0 to 1 cup of milk (based on preference for strength of tea)

For cream topping, whip :
2-3 tsp sugar
Heavy whipping cream (about 7oz)
Milk (optional, will make cream less stiff and more milky)
3-5 oz cream cheese
1-2 tsp salt

At the bottom: Boba (store bought)
Pour Go-Lacta Milk Tea
Scoop cream onto top.
Sprinkle Go-Lacta powder and rock salt to top.

Mix and Enjoy!

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