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Breastfeeding success is not always how many ounces you pump

Jan 31, 2021Shellaine Corwel-Strasser
Contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding success is NOT MEASURED in ounces of milk stored in your freezer. every one of us has seen or swooned over those posts that seem to show valleys of frozen breastmilk, stashed away in a frozen wonderland of the freezer section of a refrigerator.⁠

So what exactly is the measure of success for a breastfeeding mama? read on to find out!⁠

Please know that there will be instances when the ounces pumped or fed will drop, as well as sessions when the amount of breastmilk rises. ⁠

This happens to every mother. ⁠

Baby experiences a growth spurt, signaling what could be perceived as a drop in milk production. or baby's growth plateaus - for now, which looks like the quantity of milk is flowing like a river. ⁠

Other factors that have an effect on breastmilk yield: mama didn't get enough rest, hydration or snacked rather than ate solid full meals all day. ⁠

Things happen. life happens.⁠

Don't base your success on how many ounces you have pumped or fed, but rather by the yardstick of a healthy baby who is gaining weight and meeting those very important developmental milestones.⁠

Sure, who DOESN'T want a freezer full of frozen breastmilk for a rainy (or dry) day? We know one thing every mama will agree on: a happy, healthy baby in your midst is THE best thing ever.⁠

No haul is too small. Whether 2 ounces or 20, you made it mama!⁠

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