Go-Lacta® Mean Greens Ice Cream - Go-Lacta

Go-Lacta® Mean Greens Ice Cream

Nov 10, 2020Shellaine Corwel-Strasser
1 cup vanilla ice cream
1/4 tsp Go-Lacta® powder
extras: ice cream cones, waffle
cookies, sprinkles or doughnuts


1. allow ice cream to soften or melta bit then stir in Go-Lacta® powder
with a spoon and mix evenly throughout the ice cream.

2. place Go-Lacta®'d ice cream back in freezer to re-freeze to a firmer, ice cream-likeconsistency, anywhere from 1 hour to overnight.

3. add in fixins - sprinkles or a waffle cone.or eat right from the bowl!

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